Quality matters!


While IT services seem to be a commodity or standardized offer – this is far from truth. In reality, behind every IT services offered there is a vast amount of experience, gained through many years of execution of projects. Customers should be aware no two IT services are created equal and subtle differences must be spotted. 


While quality is one of the most obvious signs of good services offered it is rarely mentioned in offerings. The main reason for this is that most work is done in 70% of time and 30% of all costs. Then small but hard details come up and additional 30% of time is spent and a vast amount of 70% of funds is spent to iron out project details.

KAPION is giving 6 months of general warranty for all services provided, if not otherwise stated.

The following list of services is available for customers:

  • High performance computing (OpenGL) – we are able to construct large GPU farms for scientific computing and crypto currency mining. We are able to implement many CFD Numeric Methods, with leading GPU provides (ATI).
  • Software development in C/C++/Java – are our long-time commitment, we are able to develop business transactional applications or high-performance web shops. We’re able to use open source application servers (JBoss) or commercial ones (Weblogic). All back-end application servers can be connected to SQL databases, such as MySQL (MariaDB), ORACLE SQL or MICROSOFT SQL.
  • IT Systems integration – is a very common project start. Almost all businesses already running IT systems where new IT system is integrated with older systems. All sorts of integrations are available – on a database level, on an application level logic and on client side logic.
  • Embedded systems R & D – in most cases – we are able to develop software for industry-wide controllers such as SIEMENS STEP 7 controllers or something cheaper and more available – such as Raspberry Pi.

The list of services is even longer but we’re confident that a list too long would be time consuming for read. Give us a call or drop us an E-mail and we will arrange the meeting.

Your KAPION Team