Quality matters!


New customers can enjoy existing products which are already developed at KAPION. Existing products can also serve as a base for new products if needed. Upon customer request already existing open source projects can be used or integrated into the working IT system.

The following list of products is already developed and can be deployed anytime:

  • Audio/Video communications server – we are able to deploy Asterisk PBX on multiple locations, with many trunking technologies, such as IAX2 Protocol, or SIP Protocol or perhaps an ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) mandated H.323 Protocol. The A/V communications server can be integrated with top class videoconferencing solutions – such as Polycom solutions or perhaps Avaya IP Office small office PBX switches. If you’re an all Microsoft house – we can integrate our A/V server with Microsoft Lync Server.
  • POS solutions with bar-code reader and backend integration with business IS we implemented an all Java solution, based on Linux, MySQL and JBoss application server – and this solution requires no extra license or other costs. The POS solution is very reliable and can work whole months without any intervention at all. 
  • High performance clustering – where a cluster of high performance computers is connected together with common of-the-shelf components, such as gigabit ethernet switches. The whole cluster is optimized for the task anticipated. The cluster can be used for GPU computing, CFD computing and also for general MPI computing. The key benefit in the cluster is that common of-the-shelf components are used – such as industrial power supplies. Computing nodes can be interconnected with Myrinet adapters or trunked Gigabit Ethernet adapters

The list of products is not an exhaustive one at all – so we named a few. While most products come from various IT specific fields – this only implies how wast the experience of KAPION is.

The product we’re currently working on is a digital currency payment system available for buying commodities, such as Schoeller commodities.