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KAPION history begins in year 2002 when then owners dr.Renato Lukač and mag. Boris Benko decided to form a limited liability company. Spirits were high and both wanted to run interesting projects. Renato Lukač wanted to run interesting scientific projects while Boris Benko saw the future in advanced IT projects.

Starting with the name of the company Renato Lukač referred to basic particles of the world – Kaon and Pion. To Renato Lukač it seemed natural to start the company with something so basic – such as basic particles of the world. While both particles seemed equal namewise, on the end the combination of two – KAPION prevailed.

Then a logo was formed. And to Boris Benko, who was working in telecommunications the two natural colors of telecommunications – red and blue – seemed a natural choice for selection.

So the KAPION was formed with the well known blue – red logo.

Later on – Renato Lukač stepped out of the company as the owner and Boris Benko was a long-time 100% owner of the company. Later Boris Benko donated 24% share of the company to his wife, Claudia Benko. So in fact, the company is still a family owned company.

The logo and the name of the company faithfully followed the projects of Boris Benko. In 2012 the company celebrated the 10th anniversary of formation and as such it is still executing interesting IT projects